Litecoin [LTC] Differentiates itself from Bitcoin: Eye-opening Gain?

Litecoin [LTC] Differentiates itself from Bitcoin: Eye-opening Gain? 13

Following Coingate’s twitter announcement on LightningNetwork being ready for deployment and set to be soon live on CoinGate, the crypto-silver jumped upwards gaining double digits in a matter of hours. Per time of writing the pair, LTC/USD is changing hands at $25.81 with 8.21% positive movement in the last 24-hours.

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Source: coinmarketcap

Additionally, later on, the same day – the founder of Litecoin and much respected throughout the crypto-industry, Charlie Lee opened up about his mission of getting LTC on as many exchanging platforms as he can to boost and support the increase of its liquidity.

For all his followers, he made it known that one of the leading exchanges Gemini has initiated support for LTC.

Beginning of 2018 – Charlie Lee predicted that the “Flappening LTC>BCH” will take place this year while ETH>BTC will never happen as he believes strongly on BTC’s cemented place as the leader of the crypto-verse. On Friday afternoon, in the midst of a further BTC sell-off to $3,150, BCH began to capitulate hard, falling below key support levels and underperforming the market at large. At the same time, LTC began to undergo a slight recovery, bouncing off its year-to-date lows at ~$22.5, posting the only positive performance in crypto’s top 20.

The performance led to confirming Mr. Lee’s 2018 flappening forecast as Litecoin is positioned right now as the 7th largest coin by market capitalization.