Litecoin Price Analysis – LTC on Stable Climb Against the US Dollar – Litecoin Prediction Aug 21

litecoin price analysis

With Fintech starting this week, and as one of the matters to be discussed being the 3rd on the row blockchain conference, it could be of good time to add a few words on a digital currency that is different but still supports itself on a blockchain.

Litecoin Price Against the US Dollar

Known as the “Silver side lightweight” – other option of the “Gold Coin – Bitcoin” made its way up to one of the top five cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and to one of only three digital assets being traded on the major exchange platform Coinbase including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In a previous article we talked about how undervalued Litecoin is and that it could one of the best options to invest besides Bitcoin and the just-born Bitcoin Cash.

With a strong upward flow that was formed on Friday new supportive zones were created for the LTC/USD pair to gain over the weekend. The turning point of the month opened up above supporting lines for higher reach which give us an indicator to be continuing higher. The Main resistance level would be at $50.00 as a psychological one, including also – $53.13 and $55.40.

The same surging trend can be matched with all the-year-development for LTC with a rapid growth on 30/03/3017.

litecoin price

The Supportive trend line is even ‘respected’ now since Litecoin has started to increase in price. But for now the main supporting marks are at – $44.08, $38.00 and $36.00.

Litecoin against the US dollar is consolidating for the moment so market of this behavior can fluctuate a lot and so it is difficult to predict the next move. It is recommended to search out for markings where the supporting and resistance zones are or if you want to safe bet wait for a break.

litecoin price prediciton

With the Trading Volume growing in general for the cryptocurrency world and the upward trend that is describing Litecoin, best bet could be to buy at any support or break and wait for the trend to climb higher afterwards.

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