Litecoin Price Analysis – As Predicted LTC Made it Past $50 but now Struggling

litecoin price analysis

In the previous writing related to Litecoin Price development, we mentioned for further gains, a breakout over the $50 is required which even happened in the last 24 hours. The Digital currency was spiking in increase aiming to reach and set a new all-time high record but the catapulting stopped at $54.78. However in the positive note, it had stable ground and hovered over the $50 trending line.

The 24 hour trading volume for Litecoin is $619.6, only behind of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple – Based on CoinmarketCap. Even like in other cases like Monero, ETC, Ripple that last days South Korean trading/exchanging platforms leading with 20.4% leaving behind Chinese ones like OkCoin and Huobi.

litecoin price analysis

Source Coinmarketcap

Except that in general the market relating to different cryptocurrencies has been spiking there is no specific reason for Litecoin surge yesterday. Only adding that the team is working in several significant features to be installed in the platform. The Litecoin community is eagerly anticipating the inclusion of cross-chain atomic swaps between LTC and BTC in the near future. On top of that implementing its own version of the Lightening Network, could dramatically increase transaction speeds.

litecoin prediction

Movements like the first to adopt Segregated Witness on the scaling upgrade, have shown how Charile Lee the creator wants to improve the heavily-influenced by the original platform Litecoin. LTC is often even even called “The Silver side of Gold Bitcoin” reflecting how much they are similar. Maybe the community positive energy that results of the hard work for improvement is keeping the digital currency upwards.

Trading today – the Litecoin price stood at $51.10, as of 15:51 BST. The cryptocurrency has gained 5.10% over the past 24 hours, according to Coinmarketcap.

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