Litecoin Price: One of the Best Recoveries Since Monday – LTC Price Prediction

litecoin price forecast

With the all-time high record level of $90 and the ‘coming back’ leader in price after the major market correction, Litecoin is performing as one of the best choices investors did to keep in their cryptocurrency wallet.

The massive declining pattern that occurred after great gain took Litecoin with it, as Bitcoin was the initiator and Ethereum followed and so the whole market. Before that, LTC did hit and pass the $90 mark, which now will be acting as the most important resistance zone for the buying pressure on the terms of: the last highest point will be the major resistance on the current trend.


Source: Coinmarketcap

On the top-ten list of virtual currencies based on market cap, the fifth on the row – Litecoin has one of the highest recovery development since the sell-off that was caused during China’s ICO ban regulation.

On the last 24-hours a trading volume of $412 million and 2.4 percent upward climb on price with a market cap of $4.1 billion – According to Coinmarketcap.

For further movement, it is expected that the pair LTC/USD will be testing the $90 resistance zone for another run-up while another record price is very much likely to take place. However, in the case that the particular surge will not find buying support, an upcoming of consolidation and volatility decrease could be occurring.

The optimistic view on the short term mostly, for Litecoin specifically, comes from the team support for the digital currency and its technology. Keeping in mind, that its idea originates from Bitcoin – “The Silver to Bitcoin’s Gold“, the only way to strengthen its position Litecoin most perform better in what leader Bitcoin lacks like in being used for payment services.

This is all heated up by Charlie Li – the creator of Litecoin and his not-stopping very welcomed news feed. The lightning network full implementation could attract in masses long term investors that are a huge factor in Litecoin cementing its place as one of the best Investing and trading choices.

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