Litecoin’s Cemented Position On the Leaderboard: Gains on the LTC Price

litecoin future

Litecoin finds finally [as it seems] an opening to close successfully above the $60.00 mark on the altcoin-gaining ‘time’ as the SegWit2x has been canceled for the Leader of the crypto-pack.

Litecoin Changes the Tables against the US Dollar

After a week long of range bounding between $55.90 and $54 with no interest of trade, Litecoin’s price manages to ‘pull the rabbit of of the hat’ on this period of altcoins-price-increasing and broke above the $65.00 today with 5 percent of gain in the last 24-hours.

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On the longer term, previously on a EWNews writing we mentioned that Litecoin’s very satisfying development is its stair-like increase creating stable new trading ground on higher marks. This time around it is very well being placed above the $60.00 while flying past $65 which previously meant major gain will be incoming but with a high chance of a pull-back afterwards [on significant notes].

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If the price turns around and drops, it could possibly find support around $60.00 or above the range bound, however keeping in mind it can be entered again as sellers might tank any continuation of the price rally.

litecoin future