LocalNano.com is Live as NANO Continues to Gain in The Markets 10

LocalNano.com is Live as NANO Continues to Gain in The Markets

The Nano (NANO) cryptocurrency project is one of those projects that are making major strides under the radar as most of our attention is focused on this bear market, the SEC and Wallstreet firms getting into crypto. Ethereum World News had recently highlighted major developments at NANO such as mobile wallets, Ledger Nano S support and Binance becoming a Nano representative on the network.

Gains in the Past Few Days

Further looking at the performance of the coin, we find that on the 14th of August, NANO had dropped to values of $0.81 due to the ETF induced volatility in the crypto markets. The coin has since risen from its recent low to trade at current levels of $2.49 and up 10.44% in the last 24 hours. The current value is an increment of 207.4% from the recent lows of $0.81. A visual representation of the gains has been provided below.

LocalNano.com is Live as NANO Continues to Gain in The Markets 11
Market performance of NANO over the past few days. Source, Coinmarketcap.com

Launch of LocalNano.com

The Reddit NANO community was the first to notice that LocalNano.com is live and running. In the Reddit post by u/Hefhsdhbfhsf, s/he stated that:

It looks like localnano.com is live!

It is a service comparable to localbitcoins that allows an individual to trade nano on a P2P exchange. After looking through their documents, it seems that they do NOT plan on charging any trading fees. They plan to derive their profits from featured/promoted listings. Also, they want to incorporate in Malta.

Further investigating the website, LocalNano.com provides a Person-to-Person trading platform that makes instant exchange of NANO more secure and private. The transactions on the platform are free.

Security Concerns on LocalNano.com

One Reddit user was quick to point out that LocalNano.com did not have an SSL Certificate. and that the website was not secure for it did not display https://. The user would state the following:

I haven’t checked it out yet, more than browsing the start page, but this kind of site should really force https. I would not use this site at all.

Another LocalNanos.com

The Reddit thread also pointed out that there was another site with an additional ‘s’ at the end. This site – LocalNanos.com – has included the SSL certificate further making it a bit more trustworthy than the first. The similarity in domain names will surely cause confusion as can be seen in the statement below from another Reddit user.

Yeah, while they’re 2 different websites, one needs to stay and one needs to leave. At least localnano.com should change their name because 2 different websites with almost the same name is a bit confusing.

NANO is at Voice of Blockchain in Chicago

The NANO team is currently attending the Voice of Blockchain event (24 – 25 August) in Chicago and they have invited anyone in the area, to stop by and discuss more about crypto. The exact invite via twitter can be seen below:

In conclusion, NANO has slowly but surely recovered from its most recent lows of $0.81 and is currently trading at $2.49. The NANO team is currently attending the Voice of Blockchain event in Chicago. There has also been developments of the LocalNano.com and LocalNanos.com websites for the exchange of NANO on a p2p level. However, any trader wishing to use any of two platforms, should carry out their own research before transacting on the sites.

UPDATE from LocalNano.com

Since the article was published and posted on Reddit, the team at LocalNano.com has responded that the security services are underway and being implement. The exact comment is as follows:

Yes, the platform is live and we are doing the last tests before the official launch. We are aware that there is no forced redirect to https, but nevertheless certificates and security services have already been implemented. Sign up is not enabled for now. Please wait for our official launch soon.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to give financial advice. Any opinion herein should be taken as is. Please carry out your own research before investing in any of the numerous cryptocurrencies available.