Could the Major Chinese Bitcoin Market Return Soon – Looks Positive

bitcoin return china

The most anticipated and important conference for China ended on Oct 24 – the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. As it ended, various temporary regulations and policies are canceled which means the shutdown of Bitcoin trading in China could be one. – on Oct 28, a new virtual currency trading platform did declare that starting from Nov 1, users and visitors can deposit and gain access to all trading functionalities.

The platform claims that people all over the world, including those in mainland China, can exchange and trade on the platform. The languages of the website are Chinese and English. However, it’s too soon to state that the regulation toward Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is invalid. There are various comments on the platform as that it will soon be closed by the regulators and those that thinks the Chinese GOV could be behind the exchange.

It is very uncertain what will happen when Nov 1 rolls here. It would be very welcoming if Chinese traders when it comes to Bitcoin would have a more free and easy operating area. Since the event of shutdowns took place last month, BTC traders found use of Taobao – ‘the Chinese eBay’ which is owned by the Alibaba Group, then Wechat chatting groups and QQ chatting group