Make way Bitcoin: Ethereum is Taking On Double of Transactions

ethereum future

The competition and very attractive rivalry between the Leader and Second-in follow on the cryptocurrency list by market cap is growing everyday and looks like it’s just getting started.

It has not been much since Ethereum’s blockchain has reached its new record-high of 540k transactions in a day which represent a major win against its competitor – Bitcoin which is completing 323,000 transactions/day.

This transaction dynamic may in time be reversed again, it’s certainly beyond mere promising news that the platform is now being used more that Bitcoin on a daily basis, as BTC’s enjoyed ultimate first-mover status hitherto.

Indeed, Ethereum’s now performing nearly 2 transactions for every 1 bitcoin transaction. In the years ahead, will it be 2 orders of magnitude more? 200? Beyond? Maybe not, but for those milestones to be reached, Ethereum must come out ahead first, which it’s now done.

All these processes and development had to start somewhere as – to walk thousands of miles, we have to start with only one step.

That kind-of milestone to be grasped would be a more than a optimistic experience for every Ethereum trader/enthusiast: a foresight and hindsight at once.

Foresight, if the very-welcome milestone completed future arrives, it will be notched and supported by the stones set today like doubling Bitcoin’s transaction volume.

Hindsight, if you are following the recent development – the Byzantium update did showcase a major success by the ETH core developing team as excellent stewards. [Devcon3 is almost here.]

With the ongoing, incredibly contentious SegWit2x debate in the Bitcoin community, BTC’s future is cloudier than ever—there’s just no telling what will happen.

Ethereum’s future, conversely, is brighter than ever. And that’s a dynamic that doesn’t look like it’ll change any time soon.

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