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MetaMask Google Extension Suddenly Gets Dropped From The Chrome Store

As per a tweet from the official MetaMask team, its popular Ethereum interfacing application was suddenly removed from the Google Chrome web store.

For the uninitiated, MetaMask is an innovative plugin that allows its users to run and interact with Ethereum decentralized applications (DApps), requiring nothing but your browser and an internet connection. Many DApps and Ethereum-based consumer platforms or games utilize MetaMask as the main interface. For example, a decentralized exchange like IDEX allows you to sign in using your MetaMask account, utilizing the extension for ease-of-use in exchange transactions.

The extension can also be used as a secure wallet, allowing users to manage multiple “identities” (wallets) through its easy-to-use system.

The team behind the piece of software put it best when they stated:

Our mission is to make Ethereum as easy to use for as many people as possible.

However, as aforementioned, it was revealed that the application had been delisted from the Chrome web store, with the MetaMask team noting that they weren’t too sure why this had occurred. Issuing a PSA on the matter, the MetaMask team wrote:

PSA: MetaMask has been delisted from the Chrome Web Store. We are unsure of why this is the case and we will update everyone as we get more information. All other browsers are unaffected.

According to a tweet following the PSA, those who have the extension installed should not be affected by the Chrome delisting, with this change only affecting users who are or were looking to download MetaMask.

However, the team made it clear that they are trying to resolve this issue, most likely working with their in-house and Google Chrome developers to restore the plugin to the web store of the largest web browser in the world.

It is also important to note that the MetaMask extension is still available for users of the Firefox, Opera, and the crypto-centric Brave browsers.

MetaMask Removal Met With Confusion And Outrage

Due to the fact that this extension is used by thousands, if not tens of thousands of users, the announcement was quickly met with confusion and outrage aimed at Google Chrome.

One Twitter user said “It is time for revolution,” garnering a lot of community support in the form of tweet likes. This level of support indicates that many see this move as a hand-picked move taken against a cryptocurrency-related piece of software in a bid to beat down the crypto industry.

While another user, while not being as cynical as the other user, believed that this was an automated process that banned MetaMask due to keywords that affiliate it with crypto mining add-ons, which are banned by the Chrome web store.

For now, Chrome users looking to download MetaMask will need to stick to an alternative method proposed by the startup, requiring users to undertake some technical steps to add the extension to their browser.