MobileGO Joins Xsolla to Deliver More In-Game Payment Options

MobileGO Joins Xsolla to Deliver More In-Game Payment Options

The MobileGO project is known for its incredibly successful sale of MGO tokens. It resulted in $53 mln raised by the company’s users. The reach of this milestone allowed the MobileGO team to expand its services. The expansion strategy led to the mutual partnership with one of the most significant players in the gaming industry — Xsolla. It is one of the largest billing platforms for gamers.

The Xsolla team is successfully processing millions of transactions per day. Its active user base has recently reached the impressive milestone of 500 mln clients. The audience mostly consists of gamers who use the Xsolla billing service for buying games (like Steam), in-game items (like Clash of Clans) and paying for gaming subscriptions (like Twitch).

The major goal of their partnership is to deliver the simplest payment method for gamers who have own MobileGO’s tokens. The recently concluded partnership will result as an opportunity to use MGO tokens.

The collaboration of two visionary teams will surely help to shape the future gaming industry and increase its enormous potential.

The key points of the MobileGOand Xsolla partnership:

  • The worldwide billing system with over 200+ game-related partners will now support the major tokens of the MobileGOcompany;
  • Valve’s Steam store and Twitch subscriptions along with a few hundreds of other stores, items and services will be available for users who hold MGO tokens. They’ll receive an exclusive right to pay for all these services with cryptocurrencies in the same way they did with Bitcoin;
  • The included parties will tightly work together to expand their user communities;

About MobileGO:

MGO is a token that can facilitate peer-to-peer matchplay and decentralized tournaments for millions of competitive gamers worldwide. The team strives to deliver more positive and interesting gaming experience thanks to its innovative services.

Among other partnerships of the MobileGO project is the popular Jaxx wallet app. Jaxx and MobileGO signed a partnership agreement. It means the Jaxx wallet application will support MGO tokens. The audience of MGO tokens will expand to more 700,000 users.

MGO tokens are adopted by over 500,000,000 users all over the world. Gamers, developers, investors, publishers and creators are choosing MGO tokens massively, just like Bitcoin 2 years ago. Such success is easy to explain — MGO is based on the transparent business utility achieved thanks to the partnership with Xsolla, Microsoft, Unity and many other companies. Reputation, respect and revolution describe MGO in the best way!

About Xsolla:

Since 2005 Xsolla company was expanding its billing ecosystem with multiple payment methods. The platform provides developers, gamers and publishers with a great opportunity to purchase for in-game services/items/developing tools with over 700 different methods.