Nagezeni’s trading contest is on fire: one week left to win Lambo

Nagezeni’s trading contest is on fire: one week left to win Lambo

One week has passed since Nagezeni & Coinsuper launched one of the major trading competitions of 2018, where participants can win a Lamborghini, exclusive watches and 1000 more prizes. The hype around it is undeniable: NZE token has reached the level of x11 in the BTC/NZE pair and, as early as that, the trading volume is up to 25 million. Does it mean that final winners have been determined at this moment? Of course not, there is still time till 17th of December to become number one!

This contest is like a fresh breath of air during the prolonged bear trend that almost completely exhausted both crypto companies and traders. Seeing the huge public engagement and the growing NZE token price, it’s clear that competition is exactly what the current market needed. Within the period between 16th of November and 7th of December, EOS/BTC pair fell by 42%, ETH/BTC by 18%, meanwhile NZE/BTC won 206%. The same pattern can be observed in case of the trading volume: whilst major coins are gradually losing market cap, Nagezeni is gaining ground.

What’s with those people who haven’t joined the contest since the beginning? Good news: they have time till 17th of December to get into the “fight” for a supercar and the rest of valuable prizes. The participation is simple: all is needed is to trade NZE token on Coinsuper, one of the top 30 exchanges according to Coinmarketcap. It doesn’t matter whether the trade is in ETH/NZE pair or BTC/NZE, what is actually taken into account is the net trading volume, calculated as the difference between the tokens bought and sold. The winner will be determined by the amount of NZE that is left on his or her account. The lucky champion of the competition will be awarded a Lamborghini Huracán. Others of top 5 winners will get premium watches and Ethereum coins:

  • Audemars Piguet +15 ETH
  • Harry Winston +10 ETH
  • Franck Muller +5 ETH
  • Rolex +3 ETH

The full breakdown of the prizes is available on the Nagezeni’s website.

To protect participants from a foul play, Coinsuper has imposed certain rules and conditions, according to which manipulation and unfair trading practices are prohibited and will be considered as a reason for disqualification.

“It is incredibly encouraging to observe such a high level of participation, it shows that cryptocurrency market is far from being dead. It just needed a push forward. The contest is tense indeed, it’s impossible to say now who can become a number one! Just one tip: don’t slow down, because there are hunters everywhere, trying to beat you and win”, admits Yoshihito Matsumiya, CEO Nagezeni.

The grandiose trading competition will officially end on 17th of December, and everything can change till then. The chance of winning a Lamborghini is still here, all you need is to start acting. Also, participants shouldn’t forget that there are over 1000 great prizes, so one thing is for sure – there is no way you can come out a loser. Don’t trail behind, hurry up and trade NZE!

To learn more about the contest or solve any doubts, visit Nagezeni Telegram, and follow the news on Twitter and Facebook.

About Nagezeni

Founded in 2016, Nagezeni is working on a blockchain-based solution that will allow various bloggers, artists, and other online content creators to receive tipping and donations from their fans in NZE tokens. They will be able to spend the received digital money on advertising and promotion, as well as launch their own crowdfunding campaigns on the Nagezeni platform. Based on enhanced Bitcoin blockchain, these transactions will be quick, secure, cheap, and scalable.

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