NEO (“Antshares”) with its re-branding Gains helps total Digital Currency Market Cap to Reach All-Time High

neo total market cap

The Gold Rush and “future currency hype” yet continues to amaze us with the complete value of all digital currencies that are being exchanged publicly reaching all-time high again.

Based on the information, indexes and content, CoinMarketCap demonstrates that the total Digital Asset Category of the industry and market is valuating more than $133.5 billion for the moment of writing.

neo total market cap cryoptocurrency

The investors/traders and community confidence that has been surging after the bitcoin blockchain hard fork in which event a new cryptocurrency has been made while not disturbing the dominating coin. This event has been covered thoroughly by all types of news, but still it can not be sure that this triggered the climb of attraction throughout new buyers.

Based on Google Trends information keywords like Bitcoin price or BTC against the Dollar corrects downward since May.

But, for sure what helped the surge was the double-digits increase in new and older cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, NEM, IOTA and especially the so known “Ethereum of China” past known as Antshares – NEO.

With its rebranding from Antshares to NEO, the very popular “Ether of China” could become the next big thing in the community after Ethereum and Bitcoin. While Ethereum was a better and a more improved Technology than Bitcoin as many opinionated, NEO fills the gap holes left by Ethereum even those that could be open gates for attackers.

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