Neo (NEO) Home for a Smart Economy and dApps

NEO Blockchain

Token sales and Initial Coin Offerings have no stop. With 2017 being a record high of ICO projects taking place, 2018 had no relaxation at all despite the market corrections. [With $8bn raised from 334 token sales year to date at the time of writing representing 151% of the total ICO funding for 2017].

NEO Platform

The rebranded coin from Antshares is one of the hottest contestants this blockchain era. NEO is in a similar position as various successful Chinese firms as it aims to be a platform for a smart economy through its NEP-5 tokens. Very-ecosystem impacting were various ICOs that were executed on the platform like Deepbrain Chain, Qlink and Ontology.

It runs on the Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus function, by which it is targeting to offer solutions for the Byzantine Generals Problem. That is why under conditions it is set that all validators attempt to work together instead of competing. Back in January, during the Jibrel Network conference the team behind NEO noted that it can handle 1k transactions/sec.

What many do criticize NEO for is system’s centralized nature as this approach is mostly implemented in private blockchains.

However, only a couple of days ago the so-called decentralization of its network was initiated with the election of the City of Zion Consensus node.

To have it clear, the above mentioned City of Zion are an independent group made of translators, designers and developers with a global reach that have teamed up to back up NEO core and the network as a total.

Two days ago, the official NEO blog announced that NEO token holders are going to receive $40 million worth of ONT tokens on a free airdrop.

This kind of tactic is common in the world of cryptos. Also, the famous giveaways and flash sales are methods successfully used by Chinese entrepreneurs to gain massive exposure to their products, and of course, Asian cryptocurrency does not escape this reality.

2018 will be a year of DApps ecosystem expansion with both strong investments from the NEO council and over 30 DApps built using its infrastructure with some highly anticipated projects and milestones to look forward to.