NEO Price Correction: Stabilizing on a New Trading Ground Prediction

neo price forecast

NEO price after hitting the $33.00 on Nov 9, has been slowly declining back to $28.00. However, as per the moment its floating above supports and the previous-‘boring’-trading area.

A massive game-changing movement on Nov 8 did put NEO on higher trading levels against the US Dollar after experiencing a very not-recommended to buy-in movement between $25-$27 for quite some time.

neo future

Source: coinmarketcap

The speedy catapult of price did bring out the sellers in an obvious way as the price hit the lows of $25.50 again, but luckily this time it did not enter the range again. On short notice, a closing in declining triangle pattern is being formed with a gain-ish supportive trend line as time of the press.

As long as the price stays above $26.50 and for the moment it breaks above $28.50 on the closing pattern point, there will be room for gain on the upcoming days so buckle-up those that bought right on time and continue supporting.

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