NEO Price Fighting To Stabilize Above $100.00: Can NEO/USD Make It

neo prediction

NEO price is putting up quite the fight to overcome its previous record high of $108.50 in a all-red selling day for the crypto-community. Very promising performance for NEO and its stability.

Important to Note:

  • NEO price moved to recovery just a couple of days after dipping to the lows of $45.
  • On the weekly chart, a dramatic yet bullish trend is forming as the pair NEO/USD is attempting to balance above the major $100.00.
  • Spiking movements with supports around the $98.00 are waiting while on the longer run gaining trend-line is keeping peace.

NEO – Price Analysis

Its a day when new-comers ask for explanation while others welcome the dips in prices as its a good opportunity to buy-in. However, NEO is leading the BTC market with 9.88% in the last 24-hours and 1.63% against the US Dollar.

neo price forecast

Source: coinmarketcap

NEO price movement are very three-steps forward and just one back until it forms its new trading ground above the important $100.00 as it seems which is a development very attractive by its enthusiasts hoisting the confidence up around the community. Very crucial supports laying around the $98.00 area which could be a game changer if the pair NEO/USD declines lower than that taking it to the lows of $90-$85. However, bears and bulls are being balanced right now which is signaling [with the weekly supportive trend line] that a retest of its previous high could take place in the very near term.

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It is very difficult to predict any future movement as spiking increases and decrease are taking place in a matter of minutes while the whole market is on a tiny Monday crash. Despite that, whoever stepped at the time when NEO price was recovering from the $45 dip in Dec 23, should feel very safe as a speedy return in value took place while forming supports along the way.

Very promising coin with an interesting future to look forwards to.

Trade safe traders and do not overtrade!