NEO Price Lowering but Showing Stabilization of Higher Trader Ground

neo future

NEO token price is on a declining path for a week now against the US Dollar. However, it is not as bad if you are a long-term keeper!

It does seem as a boring weekend compared to the previous one as the cryptocurrency prices are attempting just to balance trades between sellers and buyers after a very explosive run recently.

NEO [token value] is taking the downward road for 7 days now as it did dip at the $32.60 level today with 4.79 percent loss in the last 24-hours.

neo analysis

Source: coinmarketcap

It does look pale on the near term or for anybody that has just stepped in the crypto-space as NEO did drop even in market capitalization ranking it on the 13th place behind ETC, Cardano and NEM. The declining trend line could tank the token value but as long as we stay above $32.00 feel at ease.

On the horizon view NEO is a far more promising cryptocurrency then what its ‘market is showcasing’.

neo forecast

Its 6-month long trading and price development history is showing just how bullish and stable NEO/USD as a pair is. After each attempt for a higher ground there was a slight/minor crash which was followed with a stabilization on higher trading grounds. With the event of being rebranded, NEO reached the range of $30-$40 now from only $6.00 against the US Dollar. That fact signals that an optimistic community is following the cryptocurrency and a believable team is backing it up.