NEO Spiking Towards $50.00: A Change for Altcoins

neo money

NEO was struck by the gaining wave as traders were choosing between selling BTC and stepping into altcoins, new investors were flowing in and the third party being holders diversifying their wallet. NEO/USD currently at $44.72 according to coinmarketcap.

The much anticipated NEO coin is leading against the BTC market [per time of writing] at 21.31% on Wed Oct 13, after climbing at a strong $48.00 and then returning on small amount downward.

neo price forecast

Source: coinmarketcap

Key mark for the next steps of development that the pair NEO/USD is going to experience is the major $40.00 level. For almost a month now, there have been three-four attempts by the ‘formerly known Antshares’ to close over the above mentioned mark. (creating new trading ground)

Strong support are sitting around $41.30 which in case of holding there might be another rally following Ethereum and Ripple on the surge and retest the $48.00. However, in the event of a dip below $40.00 – expect a price flotation above $36.00 for some time in a ranging manner.

As for its latest development, NEO is partnering up with Blockchain Leaders Coinfirm and QRC to build Smart Economy Ecosystem. Regtech leader Coinfirm announced today it has partnered with the blockchain platform NEO and the specialist venture platform QRC to nurture a compliant blockchain ‘smart economy’, with a particular focus in Asia.

The collaboration launched this week when Coinfirm CEO and Co-Founder Pawel Kuskowski and QRC CEO Adam Vaziri joined the NEO team at NEO’s blockchain competition kick off event in Tokyo. The three entities, who share a common interest in fostering compliance, will join forces in a program that will help spur development on the NEO blockchain — a pillar in the Chinese blockchain community.

It is of much importance for a coin like NEO to continue on expanding and reaching out for development as its success is very much based and supported on its achievements as a technology being very flexible and the news that are shared.

Various experts and analyst do believe that the altcoin deserves a higher position on the list by market cap size at which even we stand in the same side of the table.