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NEO Trading to be Available on KuCoin being Paired with Oyster Pearl and Dent

Kucoin – a similar Chinese cryptocurrency exchange to Binance which pays out 90% of trading fees to their token-holders has announced that it will make DRGN/NEO, DENT/NEO and PRL/NEO available as trading pairs for users starting from Dec 25 UTC+8.

The Kucoin-news related page has made its visitors known about the development today, on Dec 24, while opening ways to be informed more about the event [their telegram].

neo investment

The move was planned out and made, as explained by the team, coming from the popularity of the projects while adding the set of trades which users cane make use of.

We are constantly trying to improve our platform and ensure KuCoin remains as the people’s exchange.

If you have any questions or doubts you can always reach us on our Telegram channel:

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