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Nimiq price Exploded in 1 hour – The Very First Browser-Based Blockchain

Day by day, as you get more into bitcoin, ethereum and the blockchain technology, you will understand more about its benefits and how it could shape the future. This directly leads you to be more passionate about it and tell someone else and try to explain it.

  • The Lack of simplicity – is what Nimiq team think that is the barrier of the blockchain adoption problem. So they got together and built a structure/ecosystem with a friendly-use and easy-to-approach. Get to know Nimiq, the world first browser-based blockchain.

As quoted by the creator and architect himself – Robin Linus:

The success of projects such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have proven the enormous transformative potential of Blockchains. But yet you still can’t pay for your coffee with cryptocurrencies. Nimiq is a next-generation blockchain changing that by introducing the missing ingredient for mass adoption: Simplicity.

Price blew Up

While its price now is around $0.94 which is around the normal value since it started out on the market trading with a market capitalization of just below $10 million – approximately $9.9 million.  Yesterday, the 17th of July, at around 10:30 pm, the price started going up without stopping until 11:30 pm when it reached around the price $130.32 with a market cap of $1.36 billion and returned to normal surface after not even half an hour later on.


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