Noah gets recognized as Blockchain project by Department of Science and Technology

Noah gets recognized as Blockchain project by Department of Science and Technology

Dear community, the Noah team is going to tell you about a great event! On November 23rd, we welcomed the Philippines’ Department of Science and Technology in Dakak to share our knowledge in blockchain!

Why Dakak? Because it is a real-life example of blockchain implementation in the Philippines. Dakak is expected to become the blockchain-powered resort that is currently being developed in partnership with the Noah Project – a path breaker in this field.

The Philippines is open to and interested in the development of cutting-edge technologies, recognizing their importance and perspectives. Moreover, the country has already made several important steps forward to blockchain exploration and application. The Filipino government plans to create an environment that fosters hi-tech and innovations. In particular, they’ve allowed several blockchain and cryptocurrency projects to operate within the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority. How do you think, will CEZA become an Asian Crypto Valley?

The Philippines’ Department of Science and Technology (DOST) coordinates the country’s scientific and technological efforts aimed at facilitating economic growth. It’s no wonder the DOST has begun to deeply explore blockchain that already proved its efficiency in finance, banking sector, medicine, and other spheres.

We are proud that the Department has applied to Noah for advice, insights, and expertise. Especially as our team also sees socio-economic growth as the mission. And we are going to facilitate it through blockchain.

The Noah Project has a clear vision of how to integrate decentralized technology in various spheres and is doing it now. We are currently implementing several blockchain-based projects in tourism (Noah Resort), infrastructure (Noah City) and financial industries (remittances) and have made progress in this field. The Noah team has shared its experience and achievements with the DOST’s specialists during the meeting. We have also discussed the perspectives of blockchain development in the country.

“It’s our honor to welcome the Philippines’ Department of Science and Technology here in Dakak and act as experts in the field of blockchain. We hope our knowledge and experience will help the authorities to better understand these technologies and effectively integrate them into all spheres of our life,” the Noah team expressed their feelings after the visit.

Have you enjoyed our news, community? Hope you have! This visit proves that we’re on the right way and we’ll make every effort to gain even greater recognition. Be ready for more exciting updates and announcements. Stay tuned, a lot more is coming!

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