Ontology (ONT) and Tezos (XTZ) Marking Highest Gains: About the Coins

Coins Future

In just a couple of hours, the pair ONT/USD made it above the major $0.6000 level jumping from $0.5666 to $0.6218 counting 10.60% gain in the last 24-hours.


Source: coinmarketcap

Among the top-25 coins by market capitalization Ontology’s blockchain token is marking the highest increase for the day [February 15th , 2019]. In a few days the network has its anniversary as it launched in February 26th 2018 with a total supply of of 1,000,000,000 ONT. The team behind Ontology, made its v0.8 pre-release of the MainNet on May 17, 2018.

  • Proof of Stake (POS) native contract, 
  • Chain environment native contract, 
  • ONTID native contract, 
  • Update the Verifiable Byzantine Fault Tolerance (VBFT) protocol to new version, 
  • Virtual Machine (VM) fee calculation model, 
  • Command line interface (CLI) configuration and transaction creation support,
  • Network optimization,
  • Smart contract execution and permission control module.

Trading ONT

Following up Ontology, higher-up on the rank Tezos‘ XTZ is changing hands with the US Dollar at the $0.4315 level increasing 8.08% only in the last 24-hours recovering above the price-lost experiencing the past few days.


During one of the most successful and largest ICOs ever held – Tezos Foundation raised over $232 mil bringing a new cryptocurrency in the market. During a contact made by Reuters to the president of the foundation it was confirmed that its MainNet was set to launch on the 14th of Sep, 2018.

What is Tezos (XTZ)?
Tezos is a decentralized computing platform for Turing-complete smart contracts. Tezos has three key features. (1) “Liquid Proof-of-Stake” consensus – there is a relatively low barrier to consensus participation and delegation is not required. (2) Smart contract verification – Tezos invented the Michelson programming language that allows formal proofs of contract properties for better contract security. (3) On-chain governance – all aspects of governance are contained in the platform: voting on proposed protocol upgrades, paying developers and implementing the upgrades. – Via Kraken’s blog post – Kraken Listing XTZ Blog Post

Ethereum’s ETH and BTC are standing on the same path of today’s crypto-market performance while now stepped-down third largest coin by market capitalization XRP is battling the bears as its weekly declining trend is seeing no stop.