Personal Data Marketplace Opiria Begins PDATA Token Initial Exchange Offering on 3 Top Exchanges

Personal Data Marketplace Opiria Begins PDATA Token Initial Exchange Offering on 3 Top Exchanges 13

Ingolstadt, Germany — Leading personal data marketplace Opiria has announced that they are offering their PDATA cryptocurrency in an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) beginning May 11, 2019. PDATA tokens will be available for purchase on three high-volume cryptocurrency exchanges: Coineal, P2PB2B and ExMarkets.

The strategic decision to list their token on three top exchanges at once ensures liquidity and a high trading volume of PDATA tokens. Opiria’s IEO will allow these exchanges to build a large community with thousands of traders.

“We are proud to launch an Initial Exchange Offering for our PDATA token on three top exchanges simultaneously. We strongly believe working closely with major high volume exchanges is ensuring the long-term success and viability of the PDATA token and will boost our ecosystem,” says Dr. Christian Lange, CEO of Opiria.

Opiria’s IEO marks the last chance that the public has to purchase PDATA tokens at the ICO price level. After the conclusion of the IEO, PDATA tokens will be immediately listed on the Coineal, P2PB2B and ExMarkets.

About Opiria and PDATA

Founded in 2015, Opiria is an existing and profitable million dollar business that helps companies collect and analyze consumer data, enabling them to make better business decisions. Their current working product is used by hundreds of customers globally, including many Fortune 500 companies such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, GM, Nissan, P&G, and Intel. Opiria’s revenue and number of customers has been tripling each year over the last three years.

Opiria is now taking their successful platform onto the blockchain, leading to a fully decentralized, transparent, open and secure marketplace.

Users on Opiria’s platform will receive payment in the form of PDATA tokens for providing anonymized personal data. Full control and management of all personal data is provided to the consumer. This decentralized approach allows companies to buy anonymized personal data directly from consumers, removing the middlemen and providing full consent to consumers.

Opiria’s platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain, though the team takes a chain agnostic approach so that everything is designed to be fully migratable to a different blockchain in the future if necessary or advantageous.

For more information about Opiria, visit their official website.

To partake in Opiria’s IEO, PDATA will be available for purchase on Coineal, P2PB2B and ExMarkets.

Contact information:

Dr. Christian Lange, CEO of Opiria

Email: [email protected]

Telegram: @DrChristianLange

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