Youtube's Most Important Channel (90+ Million Subs) Goes to Blockchain-based Livestream Platform 10

Youtube’s Most Important Channel (90+ Million Subs) Goes to Blockchain-based Livestream Platform

Youtube Superstar Pewdiepie announced that he chose DLive as his platform to share live streams and similar content with his followers.

Pewdiepie is the most important youtube channel in the world. According to data provided by socialblade this YouTuber has more than 93 million subscribers, of which almost 5 million joined the channel in the last 30 days.

Youtube's Most Important Channel (90+ Million Subs) Goes to Blockchain-based Livestream Platform 11
courtesy: socialblade

The channel is world famous for making videos related to games, memes, reactions and jokes; however, the recent censorship byYouTube and the accusations of issuing racist and offensive comments have significantly damaged his relationship with the platform.

The influence of the famous youtuber has been so significant that campaigns have been organized to have YouTube close this channel, but in the same way, sympathizers launched a worldwide campaign (subscribe to pewdiepie) to keep the channel from losing its leading position in face of the growing popularity of the Indian entertainment platform T-Series.

Pewdiepie has always been critical of YouTube’s extreme censorship. Many mention that this platform adapts its policies to the requirements of advertisers. For this reason, although Youtube supports live streams, users prefer to go to specialized platforms such as Twitch, Periscope, Younow or even Instagram.

DLive: Using Blockchain to Make Streaming Great Again

DLive is a livestream platform built in 2017 with blockchain technology. In 2018 the platform migrated from the Steem blockchain to Lino. According to Pewdiepie, the benefits offered by Dlive are superior to other traditional platforms.

Dlive’s mission is to empower creators … through their revolutionary reward system:

Number One: They take no platform cut so basically if you donate to a streamer or if you subscribe to a streamer … it all goes to the Creator pretty cool

Number Two: Viewers as well can earn line o points which is the currency simply by engaging with the streamers… pretty epic

Number Three is one that I really like as well because users themselves get to influence the shape of the platform guide where its direction is going and also get rewarded for it

The staff of Dlive shared the news with their followers, revealing their emotion after this partnership. They also reminded users that Pewdiepie will give away the equivalent of 50k USD in tokens for their followers, to celebrate his first Livestream:

Pewdiepie added that Dlive’s pro-decentralization philosophy can bring many benefits to content creators and consumers:

Personally, I think it’s really cool to have a creator base website actually putting creators first so I’m really excited about the live and I’m really excited to finally be live-streaming again.

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