Planing to invest in a digital coin – Mark Cuban, bitcoin sceptic

Who did call bitcoin a bubble!


Celebrity, who called bitcoin a bubble – Mark Cuban will be part of a very trending investment opportunity in the digital currency world that is called right now – The initial coin offering.

UNIKRN – is planning its own offering, a company in which Cuban is invested in and on top of that he wants to participate in the offering day.

“I want to learn more about them; I haven’t signed the paperwork yet. But it is likely it will happen”

Mark Cuban

The Initial coin offering, in other words is a fundraising proccess for blockchain-based projects which gives investors the opportunity to own a part of the project itself. Start-ups in the blockchain world often find this method of fundraising more attractive than venture capital funding for the speed and amount they can raise.

The sale of tokens based on ethereum, will be launched in September by UNIKRN which is an esports online betting site that uses a virtual currency.

But there are some of the vrowd that warn to much enthusiasm for blockchain projcets that have yet to show practical use.

  • William Mougayar – organized a Token Summit in New York City”

High demand for initial coin offerings last week clogged the network of ethereum, while prices for ethereum briefly fell from above $300 to 10 cents on one exchange, showing how undeveloped the young digital currency world is.

  • Mark Cuban Calls bitcoin a bubble

Cuban tweeted earlier this month that he thought bitcoin was in a “bubble” yet he acknowledged then that there is value in the blockchain technology behind the digital currency.

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