Public Mining to be Launched with Artemine – Historical Mining Event

ethereum mining

The version 2.0 of the First self-mining smart contract ever made Minereum has been launched and its called Artemine. Its aim is to push the smart contract mining technology to higher reaches with breakthrough steps while adding benefits to the community and user.

The main and most important part of the announcement is the initiation of public mining – which everybody searches for that makes it possible to mine cryptocoins with no mining equipment.

On top of that, a so-called ICO factory will be formed representing a newer version of the existing Minereum token Creation system and Service which will allow anybody to form a complete functioning Ethereum token in return of a MNE fee.

The factory together with the platform that makes the token creation possible is the perfect setup for any users to form their own ICO smart contract. These services and features will be at users hand in exchange of an amount of ARTE – the Artemine Token.

Sep 14 will be the special day of the Artemine ICO launch. MNE and ETH will be accepted in the offering, while MNE will be burned. The early adopters will be getting in return for being “early there” better rewards.

The concept of genesis addresses in this event could be introduced, as Artemine will be attempting to setup a new market in which creation, users will be autonomously sell their genesis addresses with no need of a third trusted party. Direct exchange!

Just to make it more simpler, the market in which trading are being made will exists, but co-existing will be even the created market in which users have complete control of the genesis addresses which can be exchanges on the complete security of the blockchain network.

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