RaiBlocks Price Analysis: XRB Standing Out Gaining on a Selling Day

RaiBlocks Price Analysis: XRB Standing Out Gaining on a Selling Day 13

RaiBlocks price continues increasing despite facing sellers as market is pulling back heavily. Can XRB/USD break the previous high or will the gain be stabilized for the moment?

Important to Note:

  • Upon re-attempting to break the previous record of $37.50 – RaiBlocks price meets bears that tank the value and push it down.
  • After dipping to the lows of $22.00, the pair XRB/USD has formed two supportive-bullish trends on the hourly chart so withstanding the offers that are going on throughout the market.
  • As it is being listed in new exchanges, there is a high chance that i will follow the leaders gain and retest the previous high.

RaiBlocks – XRB/USD

As mentioned in our previous writing, RaiBlocks gigantic upwards trend is still going on tearing up the list by market capitalization while passing over various important psychological resistances concluding with almost 900% surge from the low of $3.40.

Raiblocks Price Prediction

Source: coinmarketcap [near term predicted movement]

For starters, anybody that stepped in before the $24.00 area is most likely in the green zone throughout these days that the market could face more sellers as it did previously and will present an important support since two upward swing launched from there.

Today however, on the hourly chart the par XRB/USD did test out twice the previous record high while not being able to break above. During the event it pulled-back to the lows of $32.00 which is the right bullish track to do so. It does not seem likely that RaiBlocks will stop gaining, but if it does dip below the above mentioned support – the second supportive trend line waiting is around $27.50 and then the important $24.00.

As it is known to RaiBlocks enthusiasts and followers – Kucoin did previously announce the XRB is the winner to be chosen as the next coin being listed on the platform and so it did.

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