Raiblocks Price Constant Surge – Tops $10 in Under a Week

raiblocks price analysis and forecast

There is no stop for the ‘crypto 3.0’ hype. Raiblocks popularity grows among traders and investors as its technology looks promising and exchanges continue adding the coin to their platform.

Upon the massive gold-rush that IOTA experienced as a parallel cryptocurrency with Raiblocks in the medium of digital coins, that are known for being – fast, feeless and minerless.

raiblocks exchanges

Source: coinmarketcap [weekly price development]

Since our last Raiblocks [XRB price and technology related post, two days ago] – when it was trading above $6.00, the XRB price has increased 73.3 percent, topping the major $10.00 for the first time with a market cap over $1.3 billion taking Raiblocks 6 positions higher by market cap.

The per/moment drops are to be appreciated throughout the very bullish trend because of this over-extension in price and it’s a right time of selling-out for many investors who want to profit from the increase in price, while the FOMO [fear of missing out] factor is stepping up and many more investors and traders are looking to catch the train. In case of a pull-back, supports around $8.50 will most likely balance the bulls and bears so feel at ease if you entered the market before that.

Upon a voting poll Raiblocks was chosen as the winner to be added on The Kucoin Exchange [Chinese exchange – very similar to Binance].

According to a reddit post and going with the wave of KuCoin latest development, Raiblocks is being voted to be added in Cobinhood which would make USD/XRB and EUR/XRB available as trading pairs.