Request Network (REQ) Partners Wikimedia France, Produces WooCommerce Crypto Plugin

Request Network, a decentralized network built on top of Ethereum, has aired it has entered into partnership with Wikimedia France, to make the France-based free and decentralized online encyclopedia receive donations in cryptocurrency. At the same time, the network, which allows anyone, anywhere to request a payment, has created a cryptocurrency plugin for WooCommerce.

A statement by Request Network indicated that the network and Wikimedia France “share a philosophy about the power of decentralization”.

“Using the decentralized financial tools built on top of the Request Network to raise donations, without the need of any central organization to process payments, is a huge step forward for Wikimedia France,” the statement asserted.

The partnership, according to the statement, will make Wikimedia France, which is next to being a success in decentralizing educational contents, decentralize their fundraising efforts.

Additionally donors are now guaranteed that all the funds raised are directly accessible by the recipient, without possible interference of a third-party. These funds can be instantly used by the recipient, which can be the difference between life and death in crisis situations.”

Wikimedia France is an offshoot of Wikimedia Foundation. It is a French non-profit association that brings together Wikimedia projects’ users. It was created in October 24th 2004 in Paris with the intention of supporting Wikimedia projects and their contributors.

Request Network Creates WooCommerce Cryptocurrency Payment Plugin

In another development, Request Network has indicated that it has created a plugin for ecommerce. The plugin, christened Request for WooCommerce is an easy way to accept cryptocurrency payments on WooCommerce store. It requires no setup fees, no monthly fees and no hidden costs, making it suitable for store owners.

Request Network declared that it was handcrafted by a developer from the network’s hub.

“As of today it will be even easier to accept cryptocurrency payments online, as we celebrate the release of the first decentralized payments plugin for WooCommerce —powered by Request Network,” the statement indicated.

“Handcrafted by Adam (AdmREQ), an active developer from the Request Network Hub, Request Network for WooCommerce is an easy way to accept cryptocurrency payments for anyone that is using the WooCommerce shop platform. The plugin has no fees or hidden costs, and allows you to integrate a cryptocurrency payment gateway within your existing eCommerce environment in a few simple steps.”

Anton Zapolskyi, CEO at Tradelize, who spoke on the development, asserted that “WooCommerce is one of, if not the largest payment platform(s) on WordPress and Joomla. Such a renowned company integrating with cryptocurrency is a monumental step in the right direction for the entirety of crypto. Similar to the ecosystem we established with Tradelize and TDZ inclusively, WordPress is enacting with REQ tokens via the Request Network. We can give incentive to traders, both veterans and those new to the sphere on the Tradelize platform, almost exactly parallel to how WooCommerce intends to enable payment options on any WordPress-built website. It’s only a matter of time before we see further companies replicating WooCommerce’s actions.”