Ripple Price Daily Trade: Failed to From Stable Ground But still recover XRP/USD

Ripple Prediction

Ripple price could not hold above the resistance for more gains so it pulled back swiftly. The only way to increase more is to clear out $0.2250 mark.

On Sep 11, a significant attempt to overcome the important $0.2250 resistance level has be noticed by Ripple price. It even did clear out the 76.4% Fib retracement level since the decline from $0.2285 to $0.2065. But it shifted into a weak signal which let loose in a short period of time. Yesterday’s value development was described with a resistance at $0.2230 on the hourly chart.

ripple price prediciton

It was expected that stable trading ground would be formed once the important barrier was cleared, but the price failed to settle and started pulling back. The bullish trend line support is connecting at around $0.2150 that will be trying to keep the chart up.

ripple increase

Source: Coinmarketcap

Optimistic understanding should be there as long as the pair XRP/USD stays above the supporting above mentioned line at $0.2150. There could be another try to clear out the important barrier of $0.2250 which is a condition to create a comfortable trading place to continue for gain.

  • Hourly RSI  – The RSI for XRP/USD is under pressure and struggling to move higher.
  • Support Level – $0.2150
  • Resistance Level – $0.2250

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