Ripple Price Not Moving an Inch, However XRP/USD is on ‘Another Level’

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Ripple price as the whole market today had no major movement in particular while finding balance between bulls and bears. Is this level the new higher trading ground for Ripple that it has been preparing for a long time now?

Preparation for Value Jump?

Since Oct 25, Ripple price is on a descending path – firstly more spiking as to now it is more like a linear not-changing flow.

The $0.2160 mark which was touched only three days ago is one of most important marks to be cleared for increase continues as a break above in any case would indicate that profit-booking made before are closed lower successfully and it did act many times as an important high and support.

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Whenever a range bounding structure takes ‘over’ the market, it is not recommended to trade for any small-sized trader or near term investor if the price is around the mid-lane of the pattern. Only position on highest highs or highest lows of the value ranging.

It is very worth mentioning that the current trading ground is a higher stable level than any before which had no major change for some time for the virtual asset against the US Dollar. It could take some ‘deep-pocket’ investors or a turn of event for the crypto-community to change the game so hold down and wait for it. [Linear movement above $0.2030 level]

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