RL-Business Opportunity for 50+ BTC Investors

RL-Business Opportunity for 50+ BTC Investors

CBDoken, an Austrian-based crypto-company, announced huge investment news for private investors and ICOpools. In case you are wondering what CBDoken do: they created the first blockchain voucher for CBD utilising the power of Ethereum (ETH).

One Voucher Token represents 1000mg of CBD Full Spectrum Extract, the probably most booming product on the legal cannabis market today, especially after the presumed regulation of CBD Isolate. The CBD Voucher Token can be traded and claimed globally without any restrictions.

What exactly is the business opportunity?

CBDoken offers 50BTC+ investors the possibility to sit back and relax while the company takes care of reselling the underlying product or the voucher token on the open market. A simple option-contract will be set up, which allows CBDoken to resell your CBD (Vouchers) to a predetermined price. 30%+ is guaranteed. There won’t be any moon but: the retail value of CBD is 600% higher priced than the token! Upside participation is included in the option-sale-agreement. Token price is below 17 Euro compared to an average retail value above 80 Euro.

Worst-case scenario if the blockchain ‘fails’, aliens destroy the internet or whatnot: CBDoken continues selling the underlying CBD product of every Voucher Token in traditional retail.

If you are interested, send an email to [email protected] or get directly in touch with the team on Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HukTkxKCYB1rRG2LPPJfeg

Find out more about the CBD Voucher Token: https://cbdoken.com/blog/hemp-grows-faster-bitcoin

Find out more about CBD: https://cbdoken.com/blog/cbd-fs-extract-entourage-terpenes

Alternatively, visit www.cbdoken.com