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Safe Haven Inheritance Solutions Powered By VeChain (VEN) Unveiled

The VeChain (VEN) community was thrown into euphoria when the news that Safe Haven Inheritance Solutions will be moving to the VeChainThor Blockchain surfaced.

Safe Haven, which solves the question of how loved ones and partners would gain proper access to deceased digital legacy, is developing state of the art security and continuity solutions for diverse markets by integrating legal entities into a decentralized solution to smoothen the inheritance of passphrases, bank accounts, social media accounts and cryptocurrency.

The technology survives on a patented Trust Alliance Network (TAN) to permit legal entities to provide guidance, assurance, and services for members on the Safe Haven Platform.

A statement by VeChain team indicated that they fully pledged support for Safe Haven, after reviewing their company’s technology, network, and background.

In this regard, the team emphasized that through Safe Haven, true value is added to VeChainThor platform.

Around May, The Safe Haven Family Circle Distribution Protocol is already being tested on the Ropsten network. For now, other protection plans are being implemented day in day out. The technology’s alpha release is expected to go live after the mainnet of the VeChainThor Blockchain.

Meanwhile, the team behind safe Haven stated that when project came into the blockchain world in December 2017, it was intended to be launched on the Ethereum network, however, it was later discovered that there wasn’t a network more satisfying and assuring to build a long-term solution than the VeChain.

Safe Haven has four distinct products, among them are The Family Circle Plan (TFC), dedicated to those who want defined members of their inheritance to access their assets on the day of their passing, The Business Continuity Plan (BCP), which is designed for companies to distribute authority, ownership, and assets in programmable smart contracts to be executed on a set event, outcome, or procedure.

In the same line, the Investment Circles, which is among the available products, is an improvement on the multisig wallet fashioned for those handling grouped funds to function on their personally defined terms and procedures.

The least among is the Safe Haven Vault. It is on the peak of securing people’s digital assets on the blockchain. Through it, it is easy to the properties of a deceased person distributed to designated individuals under the terms set terms.