Stellar [XLM] Hosted Reddit AMA Session Joined by SmartLands

XLM Cryptocurrency

During an AMA session run by Stellar on March 3rd at night, Smartlands George Burlakov and Victor Yermark stepped in. The AMA session was showcased as a live discussion ground in which both of them answered questions made by the audience in the present time or older ones that were posed since the announcement.

More in-depth details about the planned roadmap and a legal framework for ABTs were made clear to the readers. The preparations for the ABT offerings have commenced with various firms while keeping in mind that it is still in its preliminary process as the legal framework is under-construction.

The below mentioned steps need to be completed with success in order for ABT to be launched by plan:

  • Legal Framwork completed
  • Signed agreement and final confirmation from a financial company.
  • A reliable partner – technical auditor to perform the audit is found
  • Implementation of the legal framework for the specific company and performing the legal due diligence.

“We consider 3-5 ABT offerings by the end of 2018 as expected scenario. ABT Index token will be created as soon as sufficient number of ABTs are in circulation. We consider 5-10 ABTs to be sufficient. It will depend on market cap and daily trading volume.”

Countries like Vietnam, India and regions like Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia are involved more with Smartlands which concludes being more supportive towards the creation of their ABTs for launch.

“We are looking forward for partners in other regions and countries to be present globally.”

Proportionally to all the developments, accordingly a listing of SLT is expected to happen in this month [April 2018]. As questions were answered, more questions were raised on how Stellar will impact Smartlands and the volatility of crypto-assets, for which they answered:

“If the charts are observed, the history of big dips has barely affected or hurt SLT.”

In Q2 2018 it is planned that the announcement and launch of the preparatory procedures to roll-out while in the third quarter the above mentioned offering to take place. According to Victor Yermark, ABTS are majorly upgraded and revised asset-backed securities compared to tokens that were attempted by competitors to be connected with real assets. The offered ABS do fit very well in all real economy assets which makes it a financial instrument to raise investment for strategic development:

“Moreover, we pay huge attention to accountability and transparency to build trust, with the application of blockchain where possible.”

“I think Stellar is a very perspective platform with a lot of built-in capabilities. It is also cheaper on a transaction level, and Stellar consensus protocol is more efficient than Proof of Work or Proof of Stake. We are also in constant touch with Jed McCaleb, the founder.”