Stellar Lumens (XLM) Latest News Signaling how Firms are After the Crypto-Tech

Stellar Future

Despite the coins’ price volatility and most recent dump, the very idea behind the technology is mesmerizing and never ceases to amaze. Witnessing the change that blockchain tech can showcase, various leading firms are reaching to have a grasp to it. Accordingly, more and more are seeking tokenization on the Stellar network because of efficiency and cost interest.

The sixth largest network by market capitalization open’s more routes for exposure towards global audience on cheaper grounds for the firms which implement the project. BLOC company just announced that the crypto-exchanging platform Hyperion has partnered up with InterStellar to back up Stellar-based assets.

Hyperion facilitates the trade of digital assets (to include cryptocurrencies) on an SEC-licensed alternative trading system (ATS), an arrangement that it has attained through a strategic investment in the Delaware Board of Trade (DBOT).

“Hyperion partnering with Interstellar is one of the best things that could have happened, not just for BLOC and Hyperion, but also for the crypto space,” said Shidan Gouran, President and CEO of the Company. “Regulation has been a serious hurdle for this industry. Our team at Hyperion took a shrewd approach to operating under an ATS license, which gives investors trading on Hyperion legal protections that they wouldn’t get on most other exchanges. That is a very big win for the crypto market in general, and for us and our shareholders as investors in Hyperion.”

Smartlands Platform, which is supported on the 6th largest coin by market capitalization Stellar [XLM], has announced partnering up with Colliers International. The latter one is a leader and famous in a global-scale in the real asset services and investment management company.

Being based on Stellar – Smartland, is a security token issuance project which opens new opportunities for owners of assets or new investors, could have brought a show changing development for Stellar and its team as Colliers International is as big as it can get. Counting approximately $2.5 bln revenue last year and assets in almost seventy countries.

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