Stellar Lumens [XLM] Might Go Up to 275% By the End of 2018

Stellar Lumens [XLM] Might Go Up to 275% By the End of 2018 13

For the last few weeks, cryptocurrency market has become a nuisance for all investors involved; some selling their holdings, some taking the chance to buy more while the prices are low- but all in need of good news. In this case, experts being concerned and trying to be prudent, are constantly attempting to find satisfying information to bring motivation and hope on the market. Somebody that was noticed trying to do such thing has been the CEO of WishKnish, Alisa Gus. Gus has taken into consideration Stellar Lumens, claiming that the value of this specific cryptocurrency might have the capacity to go up to 275% by the end of this year.

“The price might rise along with that of Bitcoin, but unless it corners a huge piece of the market it hasn’t been known for before, an independently powered rally is unlikely to materialize, although it really should. I like what they are doing a lot,” Gus told

Are trustworthy enough Gus’s speculations?

Being the CEO of WishKnish, Gus seems to have much experience on this field; she has an outstanding reputation in the cryptosphere and also she has been requested to analyze many cryptocurrency issues for many years. Nonetheless, there is also information that she has record tracks of acclaiming some cryptocurrecies and when the predictions failed to develop, her side changed immediately.

A few of months ago, she showed praise for the future development of Dogecoin, and after a couple of months, no development was seen, consequently, slightly she moved to Stellar Lumens.

What Gus actually means?

Gus’s information on Stellar Lumens doesn’t seem to be much reliable, but her prediction is based on the underestimation of its value. Most cryptocurrencies have maintained to resist the recent descent on the market and also have handled to secure substantial investment and also partnerships from other developers.

The vast majority of these have been traditional financial institutions that inadvertently had caused stress among cryptocurrency observers. Currently, there are some expectations that Stellar Lumens might receive backing at any moment. Accordingly, it is not very clear where Gus expectations of the coins growth, are based on.

Cryptocurrency market constantly surprises us, therefore, the chance that Gus could be right is possible. However, currently, it is hard to see where exactly these gains will come from.