Stratis (STRAT) Certified Microsoft ISV – 20% Surge

Stratis Partnership Changing

Stratis [STRAT] got many crypto-enthusiasts by surprise with its latest announcement and last day price performance against the US Dollar.

First thing first –

Launched in Aug 2016 by the developer named Chris Trew, Based in the United Kingdom, Stratis is a BaaS – Blockchain-as-a-service platform which targets and is ideal for institutions and businesses that are planning to implement their own blockchain with the use of a distributed ledger tech. According to the founder, the best developers are running things and working on it.

Very intriguing is the sidechain-based side of Stratis which gives the opportunity for private firms and corporations to create a customized project, while using the nStratis platform – the strategies developed by firms can be set in motion. All that is required is knowing Microsoft.Net and C# programming language. In which case, upon making the private sidechains real, the block-security is no issue to be worried about as they are kept safe and maintained on the main sidechain.

Turning back to the present, the Stratis Group Ltd got their hands on the ISV Silver Partner certification which will be a tremendous hoist and game changer for the team as Microsoft delivers major support for their partners to resources for further advancement and marketing.

Via the team up, the application which Stratis has running on MS cloud marketplace [Azire MP] will find their way to the user/costumer.

Per time of writing, the pair STRAT/USD is in the green at just below 20.00% for the last day reaching the $1.80 mark for the first time since beginning of September.

Stratis Microsoft

Source: coinmarketcap