Swiss Crypto Hub: Five-Star Hotel to Accept BTC Payments, Stock Exchange SIX Lists XRP-Based ETP 10

Swiss Crypto Hub: Five-Star Hotel to Accept BTC Payments, Stock Exchange SIX Lists XRP-Based ETP

A five-star Swiss hotel, the Dolder Grand, to take BTC payments in May, the Swiss stock exchange launches another crypto-based exchange-traded product

On Tuesday, Inacta AG, the tech partner of the top Switzerland’s Dolder Grand hotel, announced that as of May 1, it will roll out an option for BTC payments.

Bitcoin adoption grows fast in Switzerland

As per the announcement, guests will be able to use the new payment option to book rooms, buy food and drinks, as well as pay for spa services. Intacta AG is about to release an app for mobile crypto payments, which will allow converting Bitcoin into Swiss francs or euros. Basically, the hotel will not be dealing with Bitcoin itself.

The financial director of the hotel stated that the Dolder Grand has been proactive regarding new technologies recently and many innovations in the hotel’s service have been introduced thanks to them. Since, he pointed out, Bitcoin is becoming a part of everyday life, it is a good idea to add such a payment option for the hotel’s guests.

Previously, the hotel had already announced this move towards BTC payments as a pilot project involving Inacta AG.

Switzerland keeps growing as a crypto hub

Being the world’s biggest crypto hub, Switzerland keeps proving its new status. A short while ago, it was reported that the largest Swiss stock exchange SIX had launched one more crypto-based exchange-traded product (ETP). This time it was linked to XRP. The new crypto asset is trading under the ticker AXRP.

The ETP was launched in collaboration with the Amun AG startup. This was the fourth crypto-based product to be created by this firm. ETPs are assets that follow the prices of certain coins.

In the fall last year, Amun AG also launched a ‘crypto basket index’ (HODL) on the same Swiss exchange. It was followed by a Bitcoin-based ETP (ABTC) and then later on Amun AG launched a product for exchange trading that tracks the price of ETH (AETH). The latter was done in early March 2019. All four are trading on SIX now.

Salaries in BTC

Earlier, EthereumWorldNews reported that a major Swiss media heavyweight Netzmedien AG decided to pay its employees in Bitcoin.

The decision was made based on a poll among the staff in which they were offered to continue getting paid in fiat or switch into crypto. All 30 employees chose Bitcoin.

Later on, the company plans to diversify its crypto investment portfolio, so its employees can choose their favourite coins and will be receiving wages in those.