Ten-X ICO token sells $63 mil in an hour

The TenX token offering is finished and it reaches enough


Everyday, for who is following the web 3.0 or blockchain news as how they are going right now, we feel like overwhelmed by so many new ICO, token offering days, new technology and so on. For now the one that is standing out the most was Ten-X that did finish its offering on time, maybe on record.

As planned, on the 24th of June, 2017 the Ten-X ICO token offering day happened, and the target was reached even faster than expected.There are individuals that waited for the countdown to finish to be part of the Ten-X technology but even in the first second some were not able to do it.

In under a couple of minutes Including the 100,000 ETH pre-sale amount that it reached, the sales topped 200,000 ETH as what the GOAL was. Described in a very friendly “filling-up-bar” animation.

With a little math and looking at the Ether value as of right now, the total sales by Ten-X reaches and maybe tops up to $63 million approximately.

For any Ten-X Token Holder or Card Holder there are “rewards” now that could be used by their side of the table as all this technology and COMIT protocol by the Ten-X reaches its final stages of development. As explained in a picture by the official website itself:

Tomorrow the detailed report will be released as to all the numbers and transactions done.

As mentioned above, for the finalization of all development to be done, it could be until 2020 as the website is describing a step by step process that the company and the blockchain will undertake to make every transaction and cryptocurrency use more friendly for all of us.

Here on our website you can find two other articles that explain the Technology in depths and talk about how everything up to today went with the sales day and including other ICO to follow: