TENX – ICO token sale offering is open today

The so called Revolution of Tech in the blockchain network


What is Ten-X

“TenX could be one of the biggest ICO’s and on sale tokens because it solves a huge problem that up until this point has not been successfully solved by any other company in the cryptocurrency community.”

If you have heard, getting into or started trading with Ethereum, bitcoin or any other blockchain token you will realize its future and what it is capable of doing. It is predicted that in the next 10 years, 10% of the entire world economic will be based on blockchain trading.

This is all sounds good and nice, but the real problem emerges here. It is really annoying and difficult to do any transaction using cryptocurrency or token in “real life stores”. Long times of waiting, alot of fees to pay and so on.

This is what Ten-X wants to solve. They have developed a protocol called COMIT that connects all blockchain in the background and works as a industry standard.

They partnered up with several debit card card providers so traders, investors or users can spend their bitcoin, ether or any other cryptoC whenever they want.

  • Right here you can see a live payment done using Ten-X:

There was even a test run in Singapore with 1,000 users to test out everything from sending to security and everything worked fine and there was great feedback in over than 50 countries.

As always you can use Ethereums Token ether for the transaction and just to be sure your investment is reaching the right address TenX used a video explanation to make it easier. Based on that you have to be sure the last 5 digits are: 7 f 7 8 3

One of the people that did put his belief into this revolutionary technology is even the founder of Ethereum the decentralized web 3.0 publishing platform and co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine – Vitalik Buterini.

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