The Ethereum Sweepstakes Profit Sharing Tokens Now Available

The Ethereum Sweepstakes Profit Sharing Tokens Now Available

London, England – Ethereum Sweepstakes – The Ethereum Sweepstakes is proud to announce the addition of profit sharing tokens to its $700,000,0000 sweepstakes jackpot.

All SWEEP participants that play 1 or more entries receive a SWEEP token(s) that will be redeemable for profit sharing on all future Ethereum Sweepstakes draws and games.  A total of 6,000,000 Ethereum Sweepstakes Profit Sharing (ESPS) tokens will be available by dividend, with one (1) Sweep token equal to one (1) ESPS token.  A 50% bonus will be offered for ten (10) entries and ten (10) SWEEP tokens will equal to fifteen (15) ESPS tokens.

ESPS tokens will be redeemable at a future date. ESPS token holders will receive profit sharing on all future Sweepstakes and related games and contest. Profit sharing is estimated at 9.7% of revenue from any Sweepstakes and block chain games.  In addition, Ethereum Sweepstakes has a tentative agreement with Crypto marketplace to list ESPS tokens. To be eligible to receive bonus ESPS tokens, you must have purchased a SWEEP Token or SWEEP Participation prior to draw time.

About Ethereum Sweepstakes

The Ethereum Sweepstakes has the following features:

  • Developed and deployed on the blockchain making it the most transparent and fair play Sweepstakes and Lottery in the World.  Our verified Smart contract is available at
  • Only 4,000,000 (tickets) available (1 entry = 1 Ether)
  • 1 prize of 1,500,000 Ethers Jackpot (valued at approx. $712,816,500 USD)
  • 10 prizes of 15,000 Ethers (each prize valued at approx. $7,128,165 USD)
  • 100 prizes of 1,500 Ethers (each prize valued at approx. $712,817 USD)
  • 1,000 prizes of 150 Ethers (each prize valued at approx. $71,282 USD)
  • 10,000 prizes of 15 Ethers (each prize valued at approx. $7,128 USD)
  • 100,000 prizes of 1.5 Ethers (each prize valued at approx. $713 USD)
  • Best odds for any Sweepstakes or Lottery in the World (1 in 36 chances to win a prize)

The Ethereum Sweepstakes is not a company, it is a smart contract developed and deployed on the Ethereum blockchain.  The principles are simple, to participate, a person sends one Ether to the Ethereum Sweepstakes smart contract and receives a SWEEP token, the ticket equivalent on the blockchain. Each SWEEP purchased is equal to a chance to win and redeemable in the future for one (1) ESPS profit sharing token. Upon the last SWEEP being sold, the smart contract sends a request to the blockchain to select a random winner and the winner of the Jackpot is selected and Ethers automatically transferred to the winner’s wallet address used to purchase their SWEEP token.

Lottery and Sweepstakes Odds

Ethereum Sweepstakes 1 in 4 million
Powerball 1 in 292,000,000
Mega Millions 1 in 1888


Crypto Currency Prices

  • Ethereum          ETH               $444.88 USD                     as of        

Visit to participate or learn more.  Please read the terms and conditions, rules, and how to play carefully.  Do not participate from a brokerage and or exchange wallet or you will not be able to receive any potential prize winnings.  You may review the Ethereum smart contract at


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