The Impact of World-Wide Events to the Value of a CryptoCurrency

How will it Change?


Nowadays it is not very rare and could happen on random that you are walking down the road, hanging out or scrolling down social media that you hear or read any news, development or even an Event that is being held near to you about Digital Currencies.

Keeping only that in mind, you can feel how much attention terms like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tokens, ICO’s, Blockchains and so on, are having which indeed is spreading even at this right moment.

– At the “Ethereal SUMMIT” Joel Monegro spoke about how Tokens reach to have financial value or increase it with the use of its services that it does provide:

“A token has financial value when the network or service it represents is being used an increasing amount, so you’re not incentivized to get a company to increase profits but rather incentivized to get as many as people as possible to use the service,”

This then leads to the value being distributed more broadly.

So in other words the Info-sharing network is very important to each and every term up-above that I mentioned. Just with the Ethereum – open source distributed computing platform and its Token Ether the revolutionized importance is without doubt there that is why right now Events, Meetings or Gatherings are being held around the Globe.

The use of Live explanation and meetings for making people aware of the services and importance of a platform or token is indeed the easiest way to “spread the word“. The decentralized structure of cryprocurrency with no central authority having control over it, the “push to sender” system against identity theft and most importantly You own It, are factors that with Events are understood and best explained to the crowd so the necessity of the Digital Currency future and its awareness is raised.

So, more people know about it, more people want it and its Value Raises.

Important Up-coming events that will be held during the very near future will be mentioned below so you can read and see their value for yourself.

  • DEVCON 3 – Nov 1-4, 2017 – link to the Event.Announced as to be the Best DevCon to date. It will be held by the Ethereum Foundation and the community.As a developers conference, Devcon3 programming is designed to help inform, educate, update and address interests of the Ethereum R&D community, including those who are in learning about the technology to become developers or wish to know more about Ethereum development and projects supported by the Foundation as well Ethereum innovation and development being undertaken in the greater ecosystem.
  • THE BLOCKCHAIN EVENT – July 17-20, 2017 –  Link the Event

    Industry experts, including founders of cutting edge startups from around the world, will discuss the emerging ICO fever, the regulation and policy surrounding it and what the future holds for the disruptive form of raising.
    Join industry leaders, developers, and leading investors at The Blockchain Event this July in Las Vegas, NV. The one-day marquee event will explore the trend shaking the traditional investment industry, the Initial Coin Offering, a new form of capital raising unique to the blockchain and cryptocurrency market.