The LyCI family is growing – Invest in the blockchain projects that matter to you

The LyCI family is growing – Invest in the blockchain projects that matter to you

21 March 2019, Zug (Switzerland) – Lykke launches two new Crypto indexes: Smart LyCI, Pay LyCI and their associated service tokens, growing its series of products aiming to provide a simple path to the crypto market.

Earlier this year, Lykke launched its Crypto Index, LyCI, which tracks the Top 25 blockchain projects by market cap – rebalanced minute by minute – and its associated Service Token. When buying the LyCI Service Token, users invest in the assets tracked by LyCI and can request at any time the delivery service of the underlying assets. LyCI offers an easy way to invest in the Blockchain market as a whole without the hassle of keeping track of its rapid changes.

While LyCI tracks the success of whole Blockchain ecosystem, many believe that only a handful applications of blockchain technology will be successful in the long run and have the potential to change our lives. To address this reality, Lykke is growing the LyCI family and launched LyCI Smart Contract, LyCI Pay and their associated service tokens, allowing you to invest only in the blockchain projects that matter to you.

Smart LyCI tracks the top 10 blockchain projects working on improving how contractual agreements are recorded and settled. Smart contracts aim to facilitate agreements to be carried out among two or more parties remotely, without the need for a legal system, lawyers or courts. They render transactions traceable, transparent, and irreversible by recording the terms digitally on the blockchain.

Pay LyCI tracks the top 10 cryptocurrencies that can be used to buy and sell goods and services. Similar to traditional currency, the value of these cryptocurrencies may rise or fall. As a result, users can benefit hugely from exposure and access to a single weighted collection of these different currencies, so that you have all the benefits of diversification and upside of growth potential.

Richard Olsen, Founder and CEO of Lykke, said: In the traditional finance industry, professional investors have been making a lot of money for a long time through index investing. We are introducing a wonderful opportunity for everyone to make money and get involved in the exciting emerging crypto space. Democratization of a previously closed and secretive industry is inevitable and we are proud to be pioneering it”.

These new products are first available over the Lykke Exchange – an online global marketplace where users can exchange cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat currencies on a secure platform with 0% trading fees.

About Lykke

Lykke is an international, Swiss-based company building a global marketplace for the free exchange of financial assets.

Lykke’s mission is to democratize finance by leveraging the power of the blockchain. Eliminating market barriers, Lykke will provide and promote equal access from anywhere in the world to the digitization and trade of virtually any asset of value.


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