The Tron (TRX) Foundation Is Hiring and Justin Sun Wants You to Join The Crew 10

The Tron (TRX) Foundation Is Hiring and Justin Sun Wants You to Join The Crew

The team at the Tron (TRX) Foundation is constantly growing and Justin Sun has expressed this fact twice via twitter. The most recent is with the tweet below that shows his Tron workplace ID which has a hard to ignore number: 000001.

The second direct instant Justin Sun was asking for TRON believers to join the team, was when he let people know that the Tron foundation was looking for global members for the Core TRONICS team that will be responsible for making sure the TRON ecosystem engages new and existing members through a community based, decentralized manner. The first batch of 13 individuals was only announced 3 days ago.

However, this is as far as Justin goes in directly announcing the vacancies the Tron Foundation has at the moment of writing this.

Further investigating the popular professional networking website of Linkedin, yields the results that the Tron Foundation is looking to fill 5 vacancies in its San Francisco office through the following openings:

  • Blockchain Engineer – who will be charged with dealing with all matters blockchain (public chain, sidechain, private chain), multi-currency logistics, developing fintech platforms and more
  • Blockchain Community Operations Manager who will be charged with all things community based with the project. From Github and other technical communities, to coordinating global cross functional teams, the community operations manager is expected to be an excellent project manager amongst other requirements
  • In-House Interpreter and Translator – the ideal candidate should have a clear grasp of both English and Mandarin in a written and spoken manner as well as more as described in the job description on Linkedin
  • US Site HR – The duties for the HR are the standard ones of employee relations, compensation, benefits, health and safety. et al.
  • Business Development Coordinator (Bilingual: English and Chinese) – some of the duties include managing relationships with exchanges, third parties and Super representatives. As well as promoting and integrating the TRON ecosystem and products with partners. More clear duties are on the Tron Foundation linkedin page

All the mentioned job advertisements on Linkedin are only 1 month old. This means that the Tron Foundation is staying true to its word of reaching all the corners of the earth. It is only natural that the next destination after the base country of China, is the United States, and in particular, San Francisco.

Therefore, anyone who believes they fit the criteria of the aforementioned jobs – from the Core Tronics team to the San Francisco team – is invited to apply by Justin Sun.