'There is no 10 Billion Tron (TRX) Airdrop,' TRON Telegram Announcement 10

‘There is no 10 Billion Tron (TRX) Airdrop,’ TRON Telegram Announcement

As the Crypto-verse expands at near light speed, so do the scammers trying to cash in on the exciting opportunities. Yesterday, Ethereum World News reported that the Zilliqa (ZIL) project has been the subject of false airdrop announcements by scammers. The Tron (TRX) project has also not been spared by scammers and on numerous occasions.

The Tron Announcement channel is always on its toes in terms of the happenings on the web. With this respect, they were able to identify a scam associated with a false airdrop of 10 Billion TRX.

In the announcement that was made just yesterday, May 7th, the TRON Team says the following with a corresponding link to the article associated with it:

“This is a scam people. Do not fall for it.”

'There is no 10 Billion Tron (TRX) Airdrop,' TRON Telegram Announcement 11
                    Tron Telegram Announcement

The article that made the announcement claims the following false statements:

  • There exists a TRX reward campaign for holders that totals 10,000,000,000 TRX that will be distributed in an airdrop
  • Remaining tokens will be burnt before token Migration on the 21st of June when the project switches from ERC20 protocol to its own blockchain
  • Airdrop to be claimed via smart contract
  • Claim to be submitted via MyEtherWallet and MyCrypto with links provided
  • 1 TRX will be awarded for every 1,000 TRX owned and 1,000 TRX awarded for every 1 ETH owned
  • Justin Sun had endorsed the airdrop

Upon closer scrutiny of the websites that the article came from, you realize it is a fake CoinTelegraph.com website.

The url has a dubious ‘xn--‘ before the link and another ‘–wk5f’ after the word cointelegraph on the domain name. In simple terms, the website is fake.

A similar pattern can be observed when you look at the domain addresses of the MyEtherWallet and MyCrypto.com given by the article. 

In a nutshell, the Crypto-verse is being plagued by numerous scamming attempts by tech savvy individuals out for a quick buck. As a Crypto-enthusiasts, a few checks on every announcement should be made especially if it is an airdrop. The best method of confirming an airdrop is by Installing Telegram, finding the official chat group for the Crypto project, and asking your question there to confirm the event.