Can TRON Price Survive the Engulfing Red Wave: Crypto-War

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The much-hated red numbers in percentages are back again. After a well set revers at some degree, the crypto-market is facing sellers which are not showing any mercy. However, one very promising coin – TRON is still in the green trying to stick its head above waters.


Source: coinmarketcap


It is happening very often recently, that TRON is the only coin which does not let down easily on days of losses. After surging heavily from $0.07652 to $0.08441 in a day, the pair TRX/USD met traders that are pushing it downward.

TRON Monthly development

The rally has correlated with strong trading volumes on South Korean exchanges, which tend to price coins at a slight premium relative to most other platforms.

On the brighter side, TRX cleared the monthly long declining trend  due the most recent market surge upon dipping for a weekend.

TRON MainNet

The precise trigger for Tron’s single-day uptrend is not immediately clear, though it’s likely connected to the impending launch of the cryptocurrency’s mainnet.

The MainNet launch that is now less than 9 days away. Also to remember is that Justin Sun and the Tron foundation had hinted about a Dream Home giveaway to one, or maybe more, lucky TRX fans or HODLers.