Verge (XVG) And Spotify: Any Possible Partnership? 10

Verge (XVG) And Spotify: Any Possible Partnership?

Observers are commenting that Verge is openly crazy about getting more partnerships. Those behind the cryptocurrency are doing everything to convince firms to their side. One noticeable incidence on Verge hunger for more partners surfaced on Twitter when one of its team demanded a vote and a retweet to get Spotify convinced of Verge superiority and the need for the firm to partner with the cryptocoin.

A tweet by Cees Van Dam, Verge’s core member responsible for recruitment and social media, called on Verge community to vote and campaign so that it can earn Spotify’s adoption.

#vergefam, help us Verge being added as a payment option on @Spotify. Please retweet but do us a favour, click on the link, vote en preferably add your comment. Together we can do it! #xvg #Massadoption $xvg @vergecurrency

In the link, Dan, calls on Spotify to see Verge as the right choice, demanding that the firm request “a formal evaluation” of the coin to understand what’s involved.

“We are extremely excited to announce that we have recently partnered with Mindgeek, a privately held company that owns and operates over 85% of all the adult entertainment industries websites and applications,” the petition reads.

“As we have seen with past events in history, what the adult entertainment industry adopts – The world adopts. The adult entertainment industry has paved the way for many huge innovations such as the popularizing of VHS tapes, the internet as we know it today, Virtual reality and now cryptocurrency.”

It is important to note that Spotify has a stake in the blockchain industry. Last year, Spotify, the world’s most popular streaming music service, acquired a new startup called Mediachain. The startup pays the right people for every track played on its platform.

That Spotify is involved in the blockchain world before this time may give Verge an upper hand if it keeps on with its partnership campaign. However, this kind of partnership does not guarantee Verge currency the potential to skyrocket after it is sealed.

Earlier, Verge unveiled Pornhub and Brazzers as mystery partners that cost the cryptocoin a whooping some of fund garnered through crowdfunding. The mystery partnership, according to Verge will make the coin penetrate the market and get value increase in a short while.

Shortly after the partnership greeted different marketing campaigns, the trade value of Verge continues to decrease after spending huge fund on getting the partnership.

Crypto enthusiasts and bigwigs who weighed in on the partnership were skeptical about the move, inferring that it may not earn Verge anything good. Charlee Lee, Founder of Litecoin stated that the partnership, although gained through inducement, does not present anything good to the cryptocurrency world owing to the fact that Pornhub needs big coins for transaction as well.