Verge (XVG) Support on the Ledger Nano S in the Final Stages of Testing 10

Verge (XVG) Support on the Ledger Nano S in the Final Stages of Testing

Many cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts find solace in the technical developments of their favorite projects whenever the crypto markets are misbehaving as is the current situation right now. The King of Crypto known as Bitcoin (BTC) failed to maintain levels above $6,500 and has since fallen to current levels of $6,295. BTC is the usual indicator of the general trend in the market and it is therefore no surprise that every other cryptocurrency out there has been affected including our favorite privacy coin of Verge (XVG).

Looking at XVG in the markets, it is currently valued at $0.01276 and down 7% in the last 24 hours. But all this can be made better by the recent development by the team at Verge who are working hard to have XVG supported on the Ledger Nano S.

Legder Nano S Support for XVG

The announcement of the ongoing testing to have the hardware wallet support XVG was made via twitter by Product Developer at Verge @marpme_. Who stated the following early yesterday:

$XVG #XVG #vergeFam Enjoy your Monday and in case of any stress, just have look at this beauty.

The ‘beauty’ he was referring to can be seen in the full tweet below:

Questions on When It Will Be Official

Several XVG fans replied to the tweet asking how and when XVG support will become available. The response to this question was as follows:

Still developing it / testing everything.

With regards to the timeline for the final release and announcement, @marpme_ responded as follows:

Highly depending on @LedgerHQ‘s schedule, so unfortunately we haven’t one for you.

The prospect of XVG support on the Ledger Nano S is welcome news for any HODLer who has his or her coins stashed in an exchange or online wallet. Exchanges are prone to hacks and other technical glitches, therefore having a way to HODL offline is welcome news. HODLers can then get their coins off the exchanges and into a safer place in cold storage.

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