Demand For Verge Increases, Now Second Most Traded Coin On Binance 10

Demand For Verge Increases, Now Second Most Traded Coin On Binance

As if the crypto space all belongs to Verge, the altcoin continues to pump in sundry of developments from the nook and cranny indefatigably. Few days back, Verge-TokenPay collaboration was speculated to have produced Debit Card, and now it has been rated the second most traded coin on Binance, one of the world most renowned cryptocurrency exchange platform established in 2017.

The news came to disclosure following a tweet initiated by the altcoin today stating that:

“Verge XVG Now 2nd Most Traded Crypto on Binance!”

This was made possible due to the inflated demand for the altcoin in the cryptocurrency market and the rising rate of the currency’s price albeit the bearish nature of the present market.

According to Coinranking, over the last 7 days, the altcoin has added 69.81% to its value while 9.1% was addendum to it in the last 24 hrs.

The altcoin began to receive more recognition and demand following the successful fundraise campaign which featured the promise to disclose a mystery partnership which is believed to create a new dimension for the altcoin.

“If our goal is met, we will be releasing the name of the company Monday, March 26, 2018”, the altcoin stated on its twitter handle.

Despite the speculation that the campaign was a fraud due to a similar preceding event which was a heist, enthusiast displayed their confidence in the cryptocurrency, turning out to donate funds and within the space of 12hrs, over 10 million coins donation was reached.

Getting a signal of what the mystery partnership could be like, TokenPay, on April 8, tweeted something in relation to VergeCurrency.

#TokenPay CEO @derekcapo meeting in Munich earlier today for breakfast with key stakeholders of the German bank. A deal in principle has been agreed upon by all parties. We will provide full details at closing, but can say that $TPAY and $XVG debit cards are likely coming soon.”

Meanwhile, Angel Investor in a new currency known as TokenPay, was a major underpinning agent who shouldered a large portion of the crowdfund.

Although, Verge is ranked 20 according to Coinranking based on its market cap which is over 1.3 billion and it is priced 0.0908 against dollar in the market, Verge is pulling much string to be able to light the world soonest beyond expectations.