Why Cardano (ADA) can Possibly Check-Mate Ethereum (ETH)

Cardano ADA Platform Blockchain

As the lead-tech delivering platform in dApps, Smart Contracts and Initial Coin Offerings – Ethereum has well deserved its second place in the crypto-verse. However, the race is becoming more difficult for the best as the following coins are making great steps forward. One of them is Cardano (ADA) that has been taking center stage in the community on a daily basis for a long time now. Is the 8th largest coin posing a threat for the lead.

Cardano & Ethereum

Founder of Cardano – Charles Hoskinson received and accepted an invitation by Google to put on table various technological advancements that would help both enterprises. Details of the meeting will be made soon enough public for the crypto-community, according to Mr. Hoskinson.

.@IOHK_Charles was invited to talk about Cardano and the future of cryptocurrencies at Google’s London Headquarters last month. Read @InputOutputHK ‘s blog post on the visit here: https://t.co/BsouiOWGf5

— Cardano Community (@cardanocom) June 28, 2018

This is just one of the news that made Cardano the highlight of the month. Very similar to Ethereum, Cardano is a smart contract network with a strong focus on security. Cardano boasts to be the first blockchain project to be built on peer-reviewed hypothetical research and developed from a logical philosophy.

It is a very innovative platform that finds its best use for supporting monetary apps in the present world that is utilized by associations and gov.

Introducing the Two-Layer Network, changes and various improvements can be made to the blockchain without the need of a fork as it has been used before on Ethereum or Bitcoin. The two layers are known as CSL – Cardano Settlement Layer and CCL Cardano Computer Layer.

Cardano’s e-Wallet is called Daedalus, one of a kind in the market. It gives users the ability to activate decentralized applications within the cryptocurrency’s Blockchain. So, it’s both very powerful, versatile and safe.

Following up the release of the software improvement and update 1.1.0, the team declared that they have set under radar various issues that users were approached by with the wallet.

“Daedalus will detect when the time on a user’s machine is out of sync with the global time and will display an error message asking the user to fix the issue. Before this feature was added when there was a time difference of 20 seconds or more, the Cardano node was unable to connect to the network and validate the blockchain, and Daedalus would be held on the loading screen with the “Connecting to network” message.”

Being developed on Haskel – a more secure programming language, and running of the PoS Ouroboros protocol algorithm, grants Cardano’s blockchain a better security compared to Ethereum.

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, and leader of the Cardano development team (ADA) never disappoints his followers and keeps them regularly updated with every new development the research team makes, no matter how small it is.