Wikimedia Foundation Partners with BitPay, Ditch CoinBase

The Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit company that runs Wikipedia and other related free knowledge sites, are switching payment processors. In an announcement, the United States 501(c)(3) tax-exempt foundation with offices in San Francisco, California, USA said they are now partnering with BitPay—the world’s largest Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payment processor, so as to adapt with the needs of donors “who have shown an increased interest for different cryptocurrencies.” The new collaboration will now enable Wikimedia Foundation accept Bitcoin Cash, a step lauded by Pats Pena, Director of Payments and Operations as a “natural next step.”

While confirming the partnership, the Wikimedia Foundation said:

“Our donors have shown an increased interest for different cryptocurrencies, so accepting Bitcoin Cash was a natural next step. We accept donations globally, and we strive to provide a large variety of donation options. It’s very important that we can get international donations processed in ways that are efficient and cost-effective.”

Sonny Singh, Chief Commercial Officer of the Foundation went on, adding that:

“Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are one of the cheapest payment options available so more money goes to charity rather than paying fees. Wikimedia does so much good around the world that it is a privilege to help them raise money.”

This is a step in the right direction and although there was no official reason given on why the foundation decided to shift camps from CoinBase—which can process Bitcoin Cash and other supported coins as Litecoin, it’s going to be a major boost for Bitcoin Cash. However, there are complains that donations are not anonymous and this is unlikely to change even with change of processors:

“I was deeply disappointed to discover that it requires providing personal details. While I have nothing to hide and am proud to support Wikipedia, as a matter of principle I should not have to provide this information. Even more ridiculous is that certain countries are not included. If I were from Iran, why would I not be allowed to donate to Wikipedia?

Even so, the Wikimedia Foundation are adamant that they don’t sell or trade user information pursuant to their donor policy. All the same, after Nov 15, 2018 hard fork, Bitcoin Cash transactional volumes have been on a decline and hopefully this new partnership will boost volumes, driving demand as asset prices are supported.

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